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Whale Watching Season in Cabo

Whales are the gentle giants of the sea, and witnessing their beauty firsthand is an incredible privilege and joy. If you have been dreaming of going whale watching, Cabo is one of the top destinations to do that. Right now, you probably have a lot of questions about what tour to book and what things you need to prepare for the trip, but another crucial question is when is the best time to go see these beautiful creatures, and that is exactly what we will be discussing today.

When Can You See Whales in Cabo?

The exact period where you can watch whales in their natural habitat tends to vary from year to year. Generally, whales pass through Cabo from the middle of December to the end of April each year. That is why, to boost your chances of having a memorable whale watching experience in Cabo – it is recommended to plan a trip between January and March to increase your chance of seeing as many whales as possible.

Whale Watching Season in Cabo San Lucas

Since the Baja California Peninsula separates the Pacific and the Sea of Cortes, this junction offers the perfect conditions for whale breeding. Planning a vacation at the southern tip of the peninsula, therefore, is a fantastic way to scratch whale watching off your bucket list. The whale season typically goes from December till April, but as mentioned above, January, February, and March offer the most picturesque whale watching scenes.

It is during these months that there is the greatest number of whales and the highest recorded whale activity. If you go in late December and early January, you will catch whales migrating back to the area with males looking to find females to mate.

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