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In most cases, people, including boating enthusiasts, tend to use the words ‘yacht’ and ‘boat’ interchangeably. However, they are different. A yacht is considered to be larger than a recreational or private boat. Yachts were originally defined as light and fast sailing vessels, while boats are smaller in size and can be used for many different activities, including fishing, sailing, etc. No matter what you choose, sailing on a yacht or a boat, you’ll likely have a great time.

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Here are some of the defining factors:

The Size

As mentioned earlier, size matters when it comes to defining a private boat or yacht. Yachts can typically range from roughly 35 feet in length to more than 160 feet in length. Superyachts are those that are more than 160 feet in length. Boats are typically about 15 to 30 feet in length.

Where They Can Operate

Most smaller boats are capable of sailing calm waters like rivers, lakes, and shallow harbors. Larger boats that are about 20 to 30 feet in length can sail through rougher ocean waters. However, yachts can sail in deeper ocean waters and can typically deal with turbulent seas.

The Crew

A private boat can often be operated by a single captain, while a yacht will require a full crew to help with the maintenance, navigation, electronics, repairs, engineering, stewards to cater to the passengers, and more.

Navigation and Technology

Some boats might have some more advanced marine navigation systems and electronics, but that’s more of what yachts have. When going on trans oceanic trips, yachts will require the right navigation and electronics. They can detect other boats and objects that they might not be able to see.


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