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Snorkeling Safety Guidelines

Snorkeling means you can see the underwater world up close and personal. It is more than likely the closest people will get to see sea creatures in their natural habitat or be surrounded by hundreds of fish. Yet, as many snorkelers know only too well, sometimes those fish or sea life are not found inches from the surface. It leads many new snorkelers to wonder how deep they can go.

Keep reading below to learn more about how deep you can go when snorkeling.

Snorkeling Depth Depends on Gear

There is a big difference between snorkeling and scuba diving. The biggest is the gear used in each one. With scuba diving, you will probably wear a full-body wetsuit and breathing apparatus with an air tank. It is because you will go deep underwater. While scuba diving, you can go deeper than the surface of the water, even crawl along the ocean floor, and explore the deep as you like. While snorkeling, it is not an option simply because the snorkel tube is not that long.

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Snorkel Tube Length

Traditionally, snorkel tubes are approximately 16 inches long, making it difficult to go deeper. Otherwise, water will start to fill the pipe, and you will drown. To remedy this, the snorkeler must resurface and blow out their snorkel. To be safe, snorkelers need to remain close to the surface so as not to flood their snorkel.

Because of this, snorkelers can often be seen in clear or shallow water or where the coral rises closer to the surface.

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