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Even With the COVID Pandemic Going On, People Still Have the Opportunity to Have Fun in Engaging in Adventurous Activities, Like Snorkeling  


Just because there’s a pandemic going on, it doesn’t mean that your life has to freeze entirely. People are still going on vacations and engaging in adventurous yet fun activities while keeping their safety in mind. If you’re vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, you’ve probably looked into snorkeling and are wondering how to engage in this activity while staying safe. Keep reading to find out.

Go On a Private Tour

Many people decide to go on group tours while in Cabo for a cheaper getaway, but in times like these, paying a little extra to go privately can be worth it. Plus, you get all the other advantages that come along with the private tours.

You get the one-on-one time with your family, friends, and you won’t have to worry about sharing a boat with strangers. The only other people on the boat will be the captain and any other essential personnel.

Put on Your Snorkeling Gear on Your Own

Snorkeling gear, like your snorkel and goggles, should be put on by yourself to ensure the maximum amount of safety. While our company does have personnel there to help, if needed, they will be advised not to touch the customers or any of their gear if it can be avoided. This allows for fewer germs to be spread.

Ensure the Sanitation and Cleanliness of the Boat

Making sure that the boat you get on is sanitized and clean is crucial. At Book Now Adventures, we keep all of our private yachts and boats in pristine condition at all times. We clean and sanitize after every tour so that we can ensure the safety of our clients and our personnel. All COVID precautions are observed while onboard and we keep clean and spacious yachts.

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