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A Sunset Cruise Is All She Needs!

Finding the love of your life and deciding to spend the rest of your days with her is a major milestone worth celebrating. If you have already planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas and are wondering how to propose to her, here is the perfect solution — take her on a romantic sunset cruise and make sure to pop the question while you are both enjoying the spectacular scenery of the peninsula.

So, how can you make the most of your proposal and make her feel truly special? Here are some important tips to keep in mind!

Keep an Eye on the Position of the Sun

A sunset cruise is certainly the best way to ensure you have a gorgeous and romantic backdrop for your proposal, but it is important to track the sun’s position as you are asking the big question. Make sure that the sun is coming in from the side or that it is low enough so that it is not blinding either of you.

Head to the Rear of the Boat

Sure, standing at the bow of the boat offers spectacular views, but if the water is even slightly rough, you will feel much more comfortable in the back where you are protected from the boat dips. By going to the rear, you will also be ensuring that you don’t get seasickness that could hinder the moment. The rear of the boat offers a much smoother ride.

Seize the Moment

Even if you book a private boat, the element of finding the perfect private moment is still there. If there is a boat passing nearby, wait for it to go away as there could be honks and other noises to distract her. But, in the end, you will best know when the time is right.

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