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Imagine this: you’re in Cabo San Lucas and you’re being pulled by a motorboat. However, you’re not in the water, you’re hundreds of feet in the air, parasailing, enjoying the beautiful aerial views of Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, and Baja Mexico. You’ll move on and fly over Pelican Rock, El Arco, Lover’s Beach, and more while being able to see them from an eagle’s point of view.


Now, snap back to reality. This sounds like something worth experiencing, right? It’s definitely an adventure that you should embark on, especially while in Cabo. It’s something that a person can take part in alone or with someone else. It’s easy to do, even for beginners. If you’re not already convinced, here’s why you should do it:


It Feels Like You’re Flying

On average, you’re going to be floating about 38-50 stories up in the air. This is as close to flying as a human can get. There’s no need for bulky equipment, nothing surrounding you, and no loud noises. You’ll have 360-degree views of Cabo and more.


It’s Safe

Going parasailing is actually really safe. You’ll be able to fly around without dropping towards the Earth at dangerous speeds like you do when skydiving. You’re securely tied to a boat and close enough to the water to ensure a safe landing if anything went wrong. However, it’s one of the safest water activities to try.


It’s a Memorable Experience

Once you’ve gone parasailing, likely, you won’t forget the stunning views, the calmness that you experience, and the feeling of what it’s like to float in the air. It’s not only something to remember, but it’s also a wonderful story to tell.


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