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What to Wear When Whale Watching


When you are gearing up to go on a whale watching trip for the first time, everyone will be faced with the same dilemma, which is what to wear? If you bring too little, you could be under-dressed for the weather conditions and end up shivering under a blanket the entire time. Bring too much, and you may be left fumbling with extra jackets and sweaters at the moment a whale leaps out of the water. Your hands must be free to capture whales on camera! In this blog, we will tell you exactly what you can expect while you are on the water.




Dressing for any outdoor adventure is all about layers! Pretend that you are going skiing, just minus the snow. Just make sure that one of those layers is a sweater that keeps you warm on a crisp windy day.


Waterproof Jacket

Windproof is acceptable, however, waterproof is even better. You will be meeting whales in their natural habitat, so don’t let those refreshing breezes, fog, or rain showers stop you from enjoying that experience. We recommend a lightweight, waterproof Gore-Tex outer shell. They are easy to pack, breathable, can fit over fleece layers, and will also shield you from the elements. Also, remember to include a lightweight outer jacket to cut the wind.


Long Trousers

These are an essential part of your fashion ensemble. Make sure, if possible, that they too are waterproof. Steer clear of shorts, skirts, dresses, and jorts. Instead, wear long pants that are made from wind-blocking fabrics such as denim or Gore-Tex. Linen pants are easy and breezy while on land, however, the wind on the open water will whip straight through them when the boat starts to speed up.


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