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You don’t only have to be on your honeymoon to rent a private boat and enjoy the coast of Mexico. There are a few honeymoon alternatives you can consider.


Cabo San Lucas is known to be one of the top honeymoon destinations for newlyweds and even weddings. However, you don’t have to be planning or have planned a wedding to escape to this beach destination. You can rent a private boat and bask in the Mexican sun while on the beach or the water with any of the three following honeymoon alternatives.



Before you start your new job, the chances are that you will want to recharge, clear your head, and get focused on what is to come. In Cabo, this is more than possible. You can take that well-earned trip before you start your new job or position. Relax on the beach with a beer or cocktail in your hand or go on an underwater or hiking adventure. To ensure you feel and look your best when starting your new job, you can also take advantage of various spa procedures.



While welcoming a new baby into your family is an exciting thing, it does come with change, no matter if it is your first or not. Take some time off from your other responsibilities and get away for a few days in Cabo. You can enjoy quiet relaxation, spa days, and even a romantic private boat ride while you and your significant other watch the sun go down.



Even if you have a couple of days to relax and experience what a real honeymoon feels like, a mini-moon is an ideal choice. Cabo is only a 3 hour trip from Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, and less than 6 hours from New York. You can land at the Los Cabos Internation Airport, book a luxury airport transfer, and take advantage of your couple of days off.


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