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Ensure That You Choose a Fitting Snorkel


The first thing to remember before you go on a snorkeling activity is to check your snorkel’s sizing and ensure that it fits your face. You should know that using either a loose or tight snorkel is not a good idea as it can become inconvenient when you are swimming around the ocean. A loose snorkel might cause the water to go inside, hurting your eyes in the process. And if you have a tight snorkel, you may have problems fitting it or have pains at the back of your head. Before you even head out to the ocean, check the snorkel to see if it will rest securely on your head.


Practice Breathing Exercises

The next step to remember before you wear your snorkels and swimming gear is to always practice your breathing exercises. Even a simple breathe-in and breathe-out method will condition your lungs so that you will not run out of breath when you are breathing through your snorkel. Keep in mind that your nose will be entirely blocked, so you will definitely not be able to breathe through it except for your mouth. Fortunately, your snorkel tube will help you breathe when you swim on the water’s top surface.


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