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Make Sure That You’re Prepared for the Weather Conditions That Await Your Trip to Paradise.

Cabo San Lucas is known for having great weather practically year-round. However, there is still a peak season when the weather is the best. That’s between May and June. The winter crowds are long gone and the arrival of the late summer and early fall crowds hasn’t quite yet started yet. There’s more opportunity for visitors to rent a private boat, relax on a less-crowded beach, and enjoy the true Cabo experience. What’s the rest of the weather look like? Keep reading to find out.

The Weather in Cabo

July through September is considered the surfing months. The temperatures can get up into the 90s and it’s quite humid. October and November are both nice months for vacation since the milder temperatures will quickly turn into the pre-peak season. If you want to go whale watching on a private boat, you may want to visit between December and March. For sport fishing, the best time to be in Cabo is the late summer or fall.

The Water in Cabo

One thing that most people want to do while in Cabo is get in the water. The bright blue and clear waters are definitely appealing, but it’s also good to know that the water is typically quite warm. Between January and June, the water temperature is pretty uniform. It warms up in July and gradually gets warmer until September. In October, it starts to get cooler, but it’s still pleasant.

The water temperatures in Cabo are warmer than the water on the US Pacific coast, but some may still consider it cold. However, heavy wetsuits won’t be necessary. To be extra comfy while in the water, you can always put on a light wetsuit. There are many swimmable beaches that you can go to in Cabo, and there are others that are great to explore on a private boat.

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