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Whale Watching in Cabo Means Potentially Seeing a Few Humpback Whales. Know the Facts Before You Go!

There are many different whale species out there, but one of the most iconic ones is the Humpback whale. They made their return from being on the brink of extinction and are now the most commonly found whale species in the waters of Cabo San Lucas. With that being said, there is a great chance that you’ll spot a Humpback whale on your whale watching adventure. Before you embark on the journey, be sure to familiarize yourself with some facts about them. Keep reading!

1. There are 14 different popular segments of Humpback whales: There are Humpback whales that spend their winters in Baja California and in Mexico around Sonor and Oaxaca. Other species will hang out in Hawaii or Central America during the winter. During the summer, they can often range from California to Oregon, Washington, Canada, Alaska, and even Russia.


2. They’re big, but not the biggest whales out there: When you go whale watching in Cabo, chances are that you’ll spot a Humpback whale, and you might even be surprised by its size. Most Humpbacks can get up to 60-feet long and weigh more than 40 tons. Their flippers alone can be up to 16-feet long, while their tails can get up to 18-feet wide. Their weight is only about half the size of a blue whale.


3. Male Humpback whales can sing: This whale species is known for their loud singing which typically consists of moans, cries, and howls that can go on for hours. While only male whales sing, most scientists believe that this is their way of attracting potential mates. Their singing can be heard up to 20 miles away.


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